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Dogs need a masterA well trained dog is a happy dogAll dog breeds are trainableJim Fraser, The Scottish Dog Whisperer

A happy dog equals a happy owner Jim has a hands on approach to training both the dogs and their ownersSit, good dogJim Fraser, The Scottish Dog Whisperer

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During the current Covid 19 situation, we are fully committed to the social distancing rules that are in place. In this regard, and for your reassurance at this time, we are currently operating our lessons on a strict one-to-one basis in our purpose-built outdoor arena.

Jim Fraser has been doing dog training and obedience classes near Glasgow

for longer than he cares to remember! He has great empathy with the famous American Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan.

Jim started training sheep dogs as a young man when he realised that he had a gift with dogs and could understand their needs.

He worked for McKinlay Security in charge of the Dog Section before moving on to be an Inspector at Securicor. He then set up and ran numerous Dog Training Clubs throughout Glasgow for Obedience and Road Safety.

For many years, Jim was a successful competitor in Obedience and Showing shows. He was invited to compete at Crufts and has been a Dog Behaviourist for over twenty years.

A well trained dog is a happy dog. Jim trains the mind not the stomach. Why train a dog with titbits? What happens when you don’t have a titbit?

You are the pack leader and your dog will be happier if you treat it like a dog and not a human being.

A dog, who shows aggression to other dogs when out on a walk, may be a delight at home and a wonderful member of the family. It maybe just that one aspect of the dog’s behaviour, that is causing concern. This can be resolved!

Some problems are breed specific. Their behaviour was originally desirable but is now misplaced.

Some herding breeds have been bred to bark, this may be appropriate in the open countryside but not in a flat in town.

For example border collies have a highly developed chase/gather instinct, so therefore can inappropriately chase livestock.

Some breeds instinct is to guard which can now be unacceptable.

Do you own a dog that you love but you wished “if only my dog would do as he was told”?

Do you wish that you could take your dog for a walk and not be embarrassed by its behaviour? Do you dread meeting other dogs?

This is where Jim Fraser can help!

Dog to dog aggression

Dog to person aggression

Barking when left alone and destruction

Livestock and game chasing

Pulling on lead

Poor recall (will not return when called)

Your dog jumps on visitors or you.

Your dog barks at a doorbell.

Your dog chases cars, joggers & cyclists.

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There is always a solution.

Tel: 01360 660491

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Dog Behaviour Training
either on a one to one basis, or
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Areas covered by the
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Jim Fraser is insured via the Kennel Club
Jim Fraser is insured
via The Kennel Club



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