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Jim Fraser, The Scottish Dog WhispererDogs need a masterSit, good dogA well trained dog is a happy dog

A happy dog equals a happy owner Jim has a hands on approach to training both the dogs and their ownersAll dog breeds are trainableJim Fraser, The Scottish Dog Whisperer

Who is the boss, you or your dog?
When a dog comes into the family group it will naturally try and place itself as high up the pecking order as possible.

Dogs are naturally pack animals and the owner must be the 'Pack leader'.

You must be firm and consistant at all time.
This is nearly always where people's problem lie.

In your home you must be the Pack Leader: I can show you how to become the 'Pack leader'. My home visits last around three hours. Price on enquiry.

Having a dog in your home should bring you joy and friendship - not frustration and unhappiness for you and your dog.

Lay down a set of rules and boundaries and your dog will be a lot happier.

Love alone is not enough to have a happy and well behaved dog.

Don't treat your dog like a child... dogs like to be treated like dogs!!



Testimonials & Comments:

Just been out for walk on the lead and she's getting the jist very quickly.  Stopped biting (now happily licking) and not jumping up at cats. I'm delighted! Now to apply the same principles to the child...
Steven, Glasgow
4 month old Cocker Spaniel called 'Missy

My dog has been transformed!  I now look forward to going for a walk with her instead of dreading it".
Mrs C Blanefield
1 year old Black Lab

If you are having issues with your dog then I cannot recommend Jim enough. I thought her behaviour would never change. I was wrong!
Lyndsay, Balloch
'Zoe' - German Shepherd

We are now much more confident in our handling or him. Thanks for your help.
Mrs R Bearsden
Border collie

Thank you so very much for your time and patience on Wednesday. I have a much better idea how to behave towards my dogs, and make their lives much happier. He is much easier to walk, the check chain seems to enable me to make more gentle corrections. I'm doing better in the house too, and hope to pop him in the car for a few minutes later to-day. I'm delighted!

You reminded me so much of Monty Roberts, two of a very rare and special kind.
A Grateful Owner

We had 2 unruly chihuahuas which were dominating our lives and stressing us out to the point that we were thinking of having to give them up. Jim unbelievably managed to tame them within 10 minutes and worked with us for four hours so we were confident enough to carry out his good advice. We now have 2 perfect dogs who are a joy to be around. They still try their luck sometimes but with Jim's help we know how to fix that. I cannot recommend him highly enough, wish we had sought his advice earlier.

Jim has changed our life and he is the best person to help you if you have problem dogs.
Jason & Laura, Bannockburn

Just a quick note to say how happy we are with our two boys, they are changed completely and hence our lives have changed completely! It's great to have our sofa and bed back! I haven't quite got my confidence to let them both off the lead yet but we're working on it and will keep you posted.

Thank you so much and I can't tell you how many people I've passed your details on to!
Grateful owners, Glasgow

Hi Jim, I want to post a comment on your excellence at the change in Bobo. She has been a different dog since you were here! Everyone is passing remarks on her behaviour and I feel so proud thanks to you! What is most important, my neighbour now has NO complaints about her barking. A million thanks once again.
Mrs M, Castlemilk, Glasgow

I would just like to say a massive thank you. My three year old beagle is like a different dog to be around. Everyone has passed comment. He still has the odd bark and growl at other dogs whilst on the lead but thanks to Jim I know how to correct him. I cannot thank you enough.
Cheryl, Glasgow

Hi Jim, Just wanted to let you know how Pepe is doing. Things are working really well, can't believe how well behaved he is. Money well spent so thank you very much. take care and god bless.
Mrs S, Bridge of Allan

Thank you so much for coming out on Friday and helping me control my Border Terrorist Rascal! The improvements have been amazing. Only a few days in and I'm having people say “he's like a different dog”. He is much calmer and does what I tell him to. I can even put his food down without him jumping all over me and getting to the bowl before I have even put it down, in fact, I can get him to sit and wait until I tell him its ok. He's in his bed unless I tell him otherwise and sometimes he will just take himself to his bed if he is not being clapped and no more following me around HURRAY!
A Grateful Owner, Glasgow

Just to say thank you very much for yesterday, I'm noticing a huge difference in Elsie already and I am claiming back my space! She is testing me though but this time I will be consistent until it becomes a habit for her. She definitely seems calmer too! I had her out for a walk at lunchtime and was so proud of her trotting along next to me, a lot of people obviously impressed with her too!
Gillian, Glasgow
Miniature Labradoodle

Hi Jim,
I would like to thank you for the wonderful work you did with my 2 dogs. Since you're visit to the house it has been bliss. You may remember before your visit that Holly my 12year old springer and Kiki my 8year old yorkie were constantly fighting with each other and i was on the verge of having to re-home Kiki. Now after just 1 session with you normality has been restored and the dogs are very happy with each other again.I cannot thank you enough and i will recommend you to anyone i ever meet who is struggling with their pets.
Robb, Glasgow

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Jim Fraser is insured
via The Kennel Club


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